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Smithsonian 24k Space Shuttle Orbiter

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Commemorate NASA’s Space Shuttle program with this unique, premium collectible 24k Space Shuttle Orbiter Model! Collectors will love the expertly crafted diecast metal model of the Space Shuttle Orbiter luminously plated in 24k gold. Authenticated by curators of the Smithsonian Institution, each 24k Space Shuttle Orbiter Model is mounted on a display stand in a collector’s case. Full-color, 12-page pamphlet featuring famous space missions is included. Ages 12 to adult.  2.25"l. x 3"w. x 1.5"h.

The Space Shuttle consists of the Orbiter—a delta wing airplane-like vehicle mounted on a large cylindrical external propellant tank—attached to two solid-propellant booster rockets. The Space Shuttle is launched like a rocket, performs Earth orbital missions of up to 15 days, then lands like an airplane to be refurbished for another mission. The crew may include as many as seven people: commander, pilot and mission specialists. A 1:15 scale model of the entire shuttle system is on display at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.