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Dragon Die-Cast Models > 1/144 SR-71A Blackbird, 9th SRW Beale Air Force Base
1/144 SR-71A Blackbird, 9th SRW Beale Air Force Base

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- Fully detailed 1/144 SR-71A Blackbird 
- Stylish metal stand included 
- Pre-assembled 

Dragon Warbirds has cooked up a delicious new item, a 1/144 scale version of the famous SR-71 Blackbird! This futuristic-looking aircraft from Lockheed’s Skunk Works was designed as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft able to cruise at high altitudes at speeds higher than Mach 3. Such was its operational parameters that it had the capability of outrunning surface-to-air missiles fired at it! The first of 32 Blackbirds entered US Air Force (USAF) Strategic Air Command service in 1966. During its lifetime, the aircraft flew more than 17,000 missions, of which 11,675 hours were at speeds higher than Mach 3. The SR-71A was the standard series production variant and none were ever lost to enemy action, although twelve were destroyed in accidents. The 32.74m-long SR-71A also holds the speed record for an air-breathing manned aircraft (3,529.6km/h) after a flight on 28 July 1976. The SR-71 served operationally until 1990, while remaining craft were eventually stricken from service in 1998, its role largely being taken over by satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles. 

The 1/144 scale die-cast model from Dragon Warbirds is a stunning piece of craftsmanship and it emanates from all-new molds created using sophisticated CAD programs. This highly detailed model of the SR-71A encapsulates the sleek and sweeping lines of this advanced reconnaissance aircraft, plus the cockpit is well represented. Observers will find the panel lines on the fuselage are sharply and subtly rendered. The fuselage and wings are realistically painted in the typical black ‘skin’ tone of the original aircraft, and markings are also accurately portrayed. This stealthy, readymade Blackbird, which comes with its own metal display stand, will have collectors singing sweetly!