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Dragon Die-Cast Models > 1/72 Apollo 16 "Lunar Highlands Exploration" CSM + LM + Lunar Rover + Astronauts
1/72 Apollo 16 "Lunar Highlands Exploration" CSM + LM + Lunar Rover + Astronauts

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NASA’s Apollo space program successfully placed man on the Moon, but even after this milestone had been achieved, a number of other missions followed. One was Apollo 16, which was the fifth flight to land man on the Moon. However, this scientific mission stands out as the first to touch down in a highlands area, namely the Descartes Highlands. Apollo 16 blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center on 16 April 1972 and landed on the Moon five days later. The Lunar Module (LM) christened Orion contained the program’s second Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), which enabled astronauts to explore further afield. During the Apollo 16 mission, LRV-002 covered a total distance of 26.55km, although it never strayed more than 4.5km from the LM because the crew needed to be able to walk back to their spacecraft in case of a breakdown! Astronaut set the speed record for a vehicle driving on the Moon – 18km/h – a record that has stood the test of time! The astronauts collected 94.7kg of lunar samples whilst conducting scientific experiments. Eventually the lunar ascent module docked with the orbiting Command/Service Module (CSM) named Casper before heading home. 

Dragon’s Space Collection is proud to offer a full set representing the important Apollo 16 mission. For the first time ever, a miniature Lunar Rover is included in the series. The vehicle is accurately made to 1/72 scale, and it is beautifully detailed and painted. The LRV is made even more eye-catching by the fact that an astronaut is seated behind the wheel as he explores the lunar surface. The inclusion of the CSM, LM and an additional astronaut on the Moon makes for an amazing diorama setting. It’s incredible that so much can fit inside a single box, but each item has been carefully molded and correctly painted. Now collectors can explore this fine high-flying 1/72 scale set depicting the Apollo 16 mission!