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Apollo Capsule signed by Buzz Aldrin

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Buzz Aldrin piloted the Lunar Module on Apollo 11 which was the first landing on the moon on July 1969. He was the 2nd person to set foot on the moon; following his mission commander; Neil Armstrong. He retired from active duty on March 1972. A very decorated hero both by the military and civilian. Since retiring he has continued to promote space exploration in a variety of interesting ways. Buzz Aldrin continue to gather highly prestigious awards and honors from government and civilian authorities.  This is a personally signed model by Buzz Aldrin to make a lasting and valuable collection investment.The model was masterfully crafted in great detail inside and out.This comes in a Plexiglass case mounted on a mirrored wooden base.  Included is a Certificate of Authenticity; attesting to the signature of Buzz Aldrin.