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Mercury Capsule signed by Scott Carpenter

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The Mercury Seven was the group of seven Mercury astronauts picked by National Aeronautics and Space Administration in April 1959. They are also referred to as the Original Seven and Astronaut Group 1. This was the only astronaut group with members that flew on all NASA manned spacecraft of the 20th century, including the Space Shuttle with John Glenn's flight on STS-95. The astronauts wrote first-hand accounts of their selection and preparation for the Mercury missions in the 1962 book We Seven. In 1979 Tom Wolfe published a less sanitized version of their story in The Right Stuff. Wolfe's book was the basis for the popular film directed by Philip Kaufman.

This beautifully detailed 1/25 scale model is made from handcrafted resin composite and handpainted. It has been signed by Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter and comes with display case.